Cosmo Contour stands out as a unique flare of health and wellness, with vibrant studios covering both Los Angeles and Miami.

Established in 2019 by visionary entrepreneur Nicole King, Cosmo has swiftly garnered acclaim and captivated the industry's attention.  Nicole possesses a keen eye for design, an unwavering commitment to health, and a passion for innovation. It's these remarkable qualities that inspired her to establish the most sought-after fitness and wellness studio, obtaining a roster of A-list celebrities and elite athletes as devoted clients.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Nicole has consistently held the control as a visionary leader in her numerous ventures. Among her remarkable achievements, Nicole has masterfully crafted a revolutionary bio-hacked experience at Cosmo which has been a reflection of her innovative spirit. Nicole is on a transformative mission to redefine the Med Spa experience, with cutting edge technologies in a modern and luxurious setting. Through her innovative efforts, Nicole is not merely changing the aesthetics industry; she is revolutionizing the very essence of beauty and wellness.


Marissa Tomasello, a dynamic force in the world of marketing and PR, serves as the COO of Cosmo Contour. With a successful background spanning several years, she combines her expertise with a passion for innovation to transform the landscape of aesthetics, beauty and wellness. Marissa earned her B.A. in Marketing and Public Relations advancing her into the industry running Cosmo Contour as the CEO along side her mother, Founder, Nicole.

Marissa has been an integral part of the mother-daughter team behind the remarkable evolution of Cosmo, the most exclusive health & wellness studio in the Los Angeles and Miami area. Marissa's role involves overseeing operations, crafting brand strategies, and initiating successful consumer-facing campaigns. Her ability to set strategic objectives has been key to the business's growth. Working alongside top celebrities and influencers, she's contributed to Cosmo Contour's prestigious image and facility.


Studio City:
3743 Cahuenga Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Cosmo Temporary - Pop up
Edgewater 2700 Biscayne Blvd,
Miami, FL 33137

Stay tuned for the grand opening
in Brickell to be announced with further
dates and details.


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