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Redefining Advanced Weight Loss, Beauty, and Wellness Unlock the future of holistic well-being with the MOLECULAR Advanced Weight Loss, Beauty, and Wellness Programs, an unparalleled integration of cutting-edge science and personalized care. Presented by Cosmo Contour, this innovative initiative transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly combining the latest advancements in weight loss, anti-aging science, beauty interventions, and the transformative benefits of infrared light therapy.

Elevate Your Potential: Comprehensive Transformation Our comprehensive program is designed to elevate your potential on multiple fronts. Through a harmonious fusion of science and aesthetics, we aspire to promote weight loss, optimize aesthetic appearance, and prioritize longevity, all while enhancing your overall well-being.

Infrared Light Therapy: Illuminating Your Journey Beyond Skin Deep At the heart of our approach lies the cornerstone of Infrared Light Therapy. We are committed to seamlessly infusing the benefits of infrared light therapy into every facet of your journey. From skin rejuvenation to overall well-being and weight management, the holistic advantages of this technology are woven into the very fabric of our approach. Scientifically validated and FDA-approved, this revolutionary therapy serves as the embodiment of our inside-out philosophy. Infrared light ignites the production of collagen, enhances blood circulation, mitigates inflammation, and accelerates cellular repair— integral components that support healthy weight loss and promote a youthful radiance.

Boost Immunity

Strengthen your body's defenses and detox with enhanced sweat gland stimulation.

Radiant Skin

Improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity through our VACU method.

Smooth & Firm

Reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and eliminate toxins for smoother skin.

Fat Reduction

Shed pounds, lower blood pressure, and support hypertension treatment with Infrared.

Personalized Transformation: Your Unique Journey

With MOLECULAR, we chart an exclusive path tailored to your aspirations and needs. Our commitment to personalization means that your program will precisely address your concerns and desired outcomes, ensuring a transformation that is truly your own.

Discover the convergence of science, aesthetics, and well-being with MOLECULAR by Cosmo. Embark on a transformative expedition that transcends boundaries and redefines your potential. Schedule your consultation today and let us craft a personalized roadmap to empower your journey toward optimal weight, beauty, and holistic wellness.

Welcome to MOLECULAR @ Cosmo Contour, where cutting-edge science and modern aesthetics converge to unlock your true potential. We believe that true beauty emanates from within, and our mission is to help you harness the power of molecular-level wellness for a radiant, rejuvenated you. Under the visionary leadership of Dr xx , our Medical Director specializing in weight loss and anti-aging, MOLECULAR offers high-tech approach to wellness that redefines the concept of self-care.


Studio City:
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Studio City, CA 91604

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Edgewater 2700 Biscayne Blvd,
Miami, FL 33137

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